Citifyd is the most innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-use parking tech platform on the market. We transform a disjointed parking ecosystem into one seamless solution.

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    Control and Optimize Your Parking Operations Like Never Before.

    Our comprehensive, end-to-end, modular parking management system allows complete and real-time control and optimization of your parking assets.

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    Parking Technology for the Rest of Us.

    Our products have been recognized as the most innovative and easy-to-use parking technology platform on the market.

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    A Self-Growing Ecosystem.

    Our integrated services for drivers, parking providers and surrounding businesses, brings a previously disjointed ecosystem together to create one seamless solution.

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Why Citifyd?

Our smart parking solutions connect everyday drivers with parking providers and local businesses.

Citifyd’s modular products are unlike any parking platform that has come before. Our platform is built for multiple stakeholders, ultimately creating a multi-modal parking solution featuring a dynamic wallet for drivers, a user-friendly parking management platform for parking providers, and a validation reward system for local businesses.

Citifyd finally takes the stress and expense out of parking.

Citifyd connects drivers with parking providers and businesses, reducing costs, increase revenues and ultimately energize local commerce. We make urban mobility hassle-free and less expensive by making it easier for drivers to find and buy parking, for parking providers to offer a space, and for surrounding businesses to attract customers locally.

Products designed to fit all.

Designed to fit many parking contexts, Citifyd offers a range of modular software and hardware products that can be combined for your unique needs. From planning, operations and verification to customer acquisition, each product plays a part in fulfilling your ideal mobility experience. Plus, everything has been designed for ease-of-use and utilizes the latest technologies, ensuring that everyday parking is as seamless as possible. Take a look at our products below, and stay tuned as we add even more.

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An Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Find and Buy Parking

Citifyd is the easiest, most cost-effective way for drivers to find and buy parking around town, even before they leave their home. The simple interfaces of our white label mobile and web platforms let users pick their spot based on type of parking, location, availability, time restrictions, and price. Even without downloading the app, users can access all these features through the online platform. Plus, Citifyd’s contactless parking system keeps everyone healthy and safe!

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IP Portfolio

Citifyd is one of the most technologically advanced parking and mobility platforms on the market. For over six years, we have been continuously developing proprietary technologies and methods that help simplify the lives of our users and improve operations for those in the parking and mobility business. We are pleased to have filed and received over 14 worldwide patents.

The following is a list of the published and granted patents that protect Citifyd products and services:

  • Dynamic Vehicle Parking Management Platform
  • Vehicle Parking and Mass Transport Beacon System
  • Parking Objects Detection System
  • Wireless Transaction System for Use in Transportation Management
  • Parking and Mass Transportation Beacon System
  • System for and Method of Communication Information Between a Host Application and External Smart Objects Controlled by a Web Application
  • Transaction Payment Processing System Implementing a Virtual Exchange Platform
  • Sale of Event-based Vehicle marking Implemented on Transportation Management Platform

All our proprietary technologies and methods are designed to humanize the smart parking experience and simplify mobility for our users.


    "Parking is one of the major barriers to attending a sport event. Citifyd made the parking experience of our fans easy and delightful while allowing us to learn more about them. Meanwhile, we gained efficiency and improved our parking operations by more than 40%.”"

    Dewayne Hankins, President of Business Operations, Portland Trail Blazers


    "I have been in parking business for over 30 years and have found Citifyd to be the easiest to use online sale platform around. The software is very powerful and intuitive, and has provided me with so many tools I wish I always had to optimize my operation. Besides, Citifyd has increased my revenue significantly while creating customer loyalty."

    Al Niknabard, Owner Parking NW


    "Without being professional parking managers, we do have a few parking properties.  Citifyd has taken away all our concerns about managing these parking assets.  The Citifyd platform has generated 100% revenue, in an efficient, transparent, easy and modern system.  Instead of worrying we just see deposits come in!"

    Victoria Milne, MF Properties


    "As the largest parking monitoring and enforcement towing company in Oregon, we have recommended Citifyd to all our customers looking to add additional services to the property. Not only their innovative products make parking management easy and cost effective, but they also make the enforcement and compliance easy and very efficient for us."

    Bishop, Retriever Sales/Service Manager

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