Parking Made Easy

Citifyd is the easiest and most cost effective way to find and buy parking around town, even before you leave home.

A Better Way to Park

Drivers can skip the block-circling hunt and book parking spaces with Citifyd. From driveways to lots to parking garages, drivers can grab that perfect on-demand, event or monthly space before leaving home.

A Better Way to Park

An Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Find and Buy Parking

Citifyd is the easiest, most cost-effective way for drivers to find and buy parking around town, even before they leave their home. The simple interfaces of our white label mobile and web platforms let users pick their spot based on type of parking, location, availability, time restrictions, and price. Even without downloading the app, users can access all these features through the online platform. Plus, Citifyd’s contactless parking system keeps everyone healthy and safe!

An Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Find and Buy Parking

Additional Benefits for Drivers Include:

Access to validation offers from local businesses that offset parking costs.

A dynamic display of nearby offers, that are continually available throughout the day.

Mobile/Web-based technology that eliminates printed coupons and offers.

Citifyd’s Parking App allows drivers to:

  • Find any type of parking near them or at their destinations, now or in the future.
  • Pay in advance or on-demand at the location.
  • Have contactless transactions
  • Open any parking barrier on the Citifyd platform to enter and exit.
  • Find and receive validation rewards against parking fees at merchants and businesses in their area.
  • Get instant cash back against existing or any previous parking sessions/fees.

A Convenient and Instant Way to Open Any Parking Barrier Without an App

With Gate™ micro-app technology drivers can open any parking barrier, including gates and doors (equipped with Citifyd’s SmartSwitch™), without taking the time to download an app. The action is instant: it takes less than 5 second to operate a barrier. No need for drivers to download an app, preregister or pay in advance. Anyone with a smartphone can just enter and pay as they exit. Gate™ also eliminates all NFC cards for monthly or exempt parkers.

A Convenient and Instant Way to Open Any Parking Barrier Without an App

    "Parking is one of the major barriers to attending a sport event. Citifyd made the parking experience of our fans easy and delightful while allowing us to learn more about them. Meanwhile, we gained efficiency and improved our parking operations by more than 40%.”"

    Dewayne Hankins, President of Business Operations, Portland Trail Blazers


    "I have been in parking business for over 30 years and have found Citifyd to be the easiest to use online sale platform around. The software is very powerful and intuitive, and has provided me with so many tools I wish I always had to optimize my operation. Besides, Citifyd has increased my revenue significantly while creating customer loyalty."

    Al Niknabard, Owner Parking NW


    "Without being professional parking managers, we do have a few parking properties.  Citifyd has taken away all our concerns about managing these parking assets.  The Citifyd platform has generated 100% revenue, in an efficient, transparent, easy and modern system.  Instead of worrying we just see deposits come in!"

    Victoria Milne, MF Properties


    "As the largest parking monitoring and enforcement towing company in Oregon, we have recommended Citifyd to all our customers looking to add additional services to the property. Not only their innovative products make parking management easy and cost effective, but they also make the enforcement and compliance easy and very efficient for us."

    Bishop, Retriever Sales/Service Manager

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