Urban Living Made Easier

From driveways to open lots to parking garages, it’s easy to digitize, sell and manage parking spaces with Citifyd.

About Citifyd

Urbanization and population growth are vastly outpacing municipalities’ ability to meet ever-evolving mobility needs. This impacts quality of life for citizens and imposes a significant challenge for local economies. Citifyd was created to help reduce frictions in everyday urban living. By designing and deploying smart-city technologies to make commuting easier, we take the stress and expense out of urban mobility while energizing local brick-and-mortar commerce.

About Citifyd

IP Portfolio

Citifyd is one of the most technologically advanced parking and mobility platforms on the market. For over six years, we have been continuously developing proprietary technologies and methods that help simplify the lives of our users and improve operations for those in the parking and mobility business. We are pleased to have filed and received over 14 worldwide patents.

The following is a list of the published and granted patents that protect Citifyd products and services:

  • Dynamic Vehicle Parking Management Platform
  • Vehicle Parking and Mass Transport Beacon System
  • Parking Objects Detection System
  • Wireless Transaction System for Use in Transportation Management
  • Parking and Mass Transportation Beacon System
  • System for and Method of Communication Information Between a Host Application and External Smart Objects Controlled by a Web Application
  • Transaction Payment Processing System Implementing a Virtual Exchange Platform
  • Sale of Event-based Vehicle marking Implemented on Transportation Management Platform

All our proprietary technologies and methods are designed to humanize the smart parking experience and simplify mobility for our users.