Reach More Customers

Grow your business by taking advantage of Citifyd’s proximity marketing and passive revenue tools.

Earn Extra Revenue

Attract and retain customers quickly and easily with Citifyd’s no-risk business rewards and parking permits. Plus, you can earn extra revenue selling your parking spaces after hours.

Earn Extra Revenue

A Robust Validation Rewards Program

Business owners love Citifyd’s ability to help them attract and retain new customers quickly, easily, and cheaply. Through Citifyd’s Validation Reward system, local shops, restaurants, and other businesses can offer parking validation deals to Citifyd users. Those deals, which appear directly on a user’s in-app map, provide merchants with a exciting avenue for acquiring new customers. With no risk to businesses to list through this pay-for-sale model, it’s the perfect proximity-marketing tool for any business.

For drivers, validation rewards provide an opportunity to get cheaper parking simply by buying things they already want or need. For businesses, it means a continuous stream of new customers. And for parking providers it means more drivers inclined to use their facilities because of the potential to lower their parking costs with rewards. With Citifyd, everyone wins.

A Robust Validation Rewards Program

An Easy Way to Issue Parking Permits for Your Customers

Citifyd’s ACCESS™ for businesses makes issuing and sending parking permits to patrons extremely simple. No need to know the patron’s personal or vehicle information. The system charges your credit card either weekly or monthly for permits issued by you and used by your patrons and pays the parking providers their fee. Nothing to do or worry about.

An Easy Way to Issue Parking Permits for Your Customers

A User-Friendly Business Rewards and Permit Management Tool

Citifyd makes the business rewards and permit management process extremely easy and risk-free. Our patented, web-based rewards set up and management tool is dynamic and secure. It allows businesses to create validation rewards based on an item, dollar value or time spent in a business. The flexible and powerful system allows for the automatic activation and suspension of offers. Additionally, it allows a user to limit rewards based on number of items, price, day of week or time of day. Best of all, with the pay-as-you-go model there is no cost for businesses to use Citifyd’s rewards and parking permit platform to attract new customers and reward existing ones.

Citifyd’s rewards and permit platform allows businesses to:

  • Attract and engage nearby customers through proximity-based marketing.
  • Reward customers through offering parking permits around the business.
  • Increase patronage of their brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Customize offers that fit the unique needs of their business.
  • Manage and analyze daily offers and rewards through detailed performance reports in real-time.
  • Control rewards easily with a quick set-up process and flexible dashboard.
  • Remove the risk and cost of presenting offers to customers with our pay-as-you-go model.

    "Parking is one of the major barriers to attending a sport event. Citifyd made the parking experience of our fans easy and delightful while allowing us to learn more about them. Meanwhile, we gained efficiency and improved our parking operations by more than 40%.”"

    Dewayne Hankins, President of Business Operations, Portland Trail Blazers


    "I have been in parking business for over 30 years and have found Citifyd to be the easiest to use online sale platform around. The software is very powerful and intuitive, and has provided me with so many tools I wish I always had to optimize my operation. Besides, Citifyd has increased my revenue significantly while creating customer loyalty."

    Al Niknabard, Owner Parking NW


    "Without being professional parking managers, we do have a few parking properties.  Citifyd has taken away all our concerns about managing these parking assets.  The Citifyd platform has generated 100% revenue, in an efficient, transparent, easy and modern system.  Instead of worrying we just see deposits come in!"

    Victoria Milne, MF Properties


    "As the largest parking monitoring and enforcement towing company in Oregon, we have recommended Citifyd to all our customers looking to add additional services to the property. Not only their innovative products make parking management easy and cost effective, but they also make the enforcement and compliance easy and very efficient for us."

    Bishop, Retriever Sales/Service Manager

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